British slang for something un-nameable or unspecified or temporarily forgotten.  Don't I get that a lot these days..   Posted as part of One Word Sunday


Outside a See-through Box

  Posted as part of The Weekend in Black and White and Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge


Goodbyes are tough...for most people.  But not for me.  It's always been easy for me to up and go, reflect on events and even tragedies, pick up my lessons, and move on.  Maybe I take after my mom or guardian, or it runs in the family.  Who knows, really. But there was a time when …

WPC: All-Time Favorites

  What?  Why..??  I've only submitted 4 posts via weekly challenges and just started (this month) connecting and having a sense of community through blogging.  I haven't had enough time nor posts to have all-time favorites!  But as they say, all things come to an end.  So THANK YOU, WPC.  The challenges have helped me bounce back and start …

Beautiful Twist

When I was younger and naïve, at the (un)ripe age of 9, I planned the next 10-15 years of my life.  I'm glad it's taken on all sorts of beautiful twists since then and needless to say, not according to plan.       Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

Into the Woods

A place of healing and solace.  A short time bathing in it brings a world of benefits to your well-being. But getting lost is as real as you and me and life itself.  Tread carefully. via Daily Prompt : Forest  

Not So Skewed

I'd like to think that no one is ever so skewed (or screwed) as to be unredeemable.   Unless they choose it so. Via Daily Post : Skewed