Casuals Rule

Thanks to A Guy Called Bloke‘s Are You Actually Wearing That..Out? Got me thinking a bit about my wardrobe. Or lack of it.

Has the lockdown altered your day to day dress code and after lockdown will you instantly revert to old fashion you or new fashion you?

Nothing much has changed with the way I dress pre- and during lockdown. I’m inclined to think I won’t change my mind post-lockdown. I used to dress down by default or dress it down when I can. I liked looking at nice clothes from time to time with almost no intention to buy them. That was before but more so now.

What will your future fashion or dress code style be and consist of?

Maybe leaning more into sustainable fashion if they’ve figured out a way to make them more accessible/available/affordable (I’m counting on you, socio-entrepreneurs/fashionpreneurs). Still keeping my good clothes until they retire.

Will you even bother to dress up to go out post lockdown?

Only when I have to, like at a wedding or graduation or something. Or maybe when/if I miss dressing up. I don’t think clothes will matter as much post-lockdown, but I can only guess.

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#FOWC #threethingsthchallenge

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