Rare Type of Outing and Welcome Interruptions

Had another excuse to go out yesterday aside from the weekly or so grocery trips. My phone almost fully retired the other day, and my laptop went all moody and just stopped responding weeks back. I had to buy another phone and pick up the laptop from the repair shop (Thankfully there are some open shops for this now). Are even my gadgets getting on with the times..?

After shopping, hubby and I walked by a nearly empty cafe and made a note to dine there later (he also needed a new phone). The silly happiness mixed with a pinch of anxiety I get when dining out (3rd time since the pandemic situation) is still new to me. Who would’ve thought merely dining out would almost feel like living dangerously.

Now my new phone has a built-in health tracker, sending me reminders to drink up or walk/run some distance every day for two days now. For now, I find these notifications welcome breaks to my daily routine, which is mostly writing, cooking, snacking, reading, cleaning, or tending to work/new business. Oh, and there’s the occasional picking a fight with the hubby lol.

What have you done or been doing lately that gives you a small sense of achievement, happiness or wonder?

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com


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