FPQ #88 – Who’s In Control?

Fandango asks a very thought-provoking question: To what degree have you been able to control the course that your life has taken? Or is being in control of your life just an illusion?

I tend to go with the latter, for the most part. There are a lot of areas in our sphere of influence (thankfully) that can greatly affect the course of our life such as our choice of a career, a partner (or whether or not we marry/have kids), our associations, how we take care of ourselves, but there’s a lot more beyond our control to begin with such as the family/country we’re born into, our predespositions, that direct our lives or set us on certain paths with or without our knowledge or acknowledgement. So yeah, we have about as much control as an ant has in the universe.

I want to believe though that how we live matters, and that gives me a sense of control/agency and peace. The ant may not have much to prevent a great flood or apocalypse, but it can work and save for the rainy day, migrate to find food or avoid the great flood, work with ant colonies for a bigger purpose. We are part of a larger system operating on some grand design whether we like it or not and have to work around/with it in order to live, survive or maybe even thrive.

Photo by u015eahin Sezer Dinu00e7er on Pexels.com

2 Replies to “FPQ #88 – Who’s In Control?”

    1. We’re not in total control. Far from it. But not completely helpless either. Some of what we do can create a ripple or butterfly effect that can matter, at least this is how I look at things now.

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