Like Me or Not

Rory over at aguycalledbloke asks: Are you likeable? What qualities make a person likeable or what makes you like someone else?

For q1, I think I was a lot likeable when I was more friendly and accommodating. I met a few groups/people who I realized much later were abusive of my kindness/generosity/trust. For a time, the abuse caused me to close off and be less myself or be a lot guarded around people. Took me awhile to decide to let go of some relationships but I’m happy to report that I have now a handful of people I can call friends who aren’t just there for some personal agenda or convenience. Right now, I’m more picky/discriminating about who I let in or keep in my life and care very little if I’m liked or not by people in general.

For q2, I tend to look (still) at the good in people by default. However for some people there are many layers and you can only really get to know them over time, after going through some situations together or a tough time. I do tend to warm up easily to people who are kind, honest, genuine, respectful at least. I’ve developed an allergic reaction to toxic people and situations.

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