Fibbing Friday – Blue Overload

Time again to fib creatively, and today feels like Friday. Here’s the link to join.

1. Why is Royal Blood considered blue? The first homicide case involving a royal was assigned to a detective who’s color blind. He saw everything in blue.
2. What is a Blue Moon? The moon when the werewolves come out.
3. What was the song ‘Blue is the Colour’ about? Royal games
4. What is meant by blue collar? sad-looking collar
5. What is a blue bonnet? a scottish hat made with something blue.
6. What did Little Boy Blue play? The magic pipe borrowed by the Pied Piper.
7. What changed from brown to blue according to the song? eyes, after undergoing laser surgery
8. Where will you find a Blue Nun? They go where the white walkers go. They became blue instead of white upon turning.

White Walker, Game of Thrones, spear, TV, nature, waist up HD wallpaper
He converts nuns in his spare time. (Photo from wallpaperflare)

9. Why mustn’t you step on his Blue Suede Shoes?

Game of Thrones, White Walker HD wallpaper
Do you really want to know what will happen if you step on his shoes..? (Photo from wallpaperflare)

10. What kind of bird has blue feet? All the types that stay too long in blue island.

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