Beautiful Twist

When I was younger and naïve, at the (un)ripe age of 9, I planned the next 10-15 years of my life.  I'm glad it's taken on all sorts of beautiful twists since then and needless to say, not according to plan.       Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

Into the Woods

A place of healing and solace.  A short time bathing in it brings a world of benefits to your well-being. But getting lost is as real as you and me and life itself.  Tread carefully. via Daily Prompt : Forest  

Place In the World

  It used to be any quiet beach; calm but not dead.  I would lie down on this natural water bed without a care in the world. Lately though, the mountains call to me.  I can recalibrate and feel at peace at just the sight of green mountains (or white, if winter) and be in …

Discover undiscovered

Reblogging this and adding to my travel list 🙂

Branka Jaksi

Here are few counties and places that are not so visited by tourists. Undiscovered lands, parks, beaches and nature have this counties to offer. I surly have a new bucketlist now!

1. Valles del Comapedrosa, Andorra (Europe)

This is the westernmost of the three Nature Parks in Andorra, in the parish of La Massana. Its legendary Alt de Comapedrosa (2,942 m) is the highest peak in the Principality. In the park you can find species of typical alpine flowers, such as the alpine violet or the Pyrenean mouse-ear. The park’s regular inhabitants include Aurelio’s rock lizards, golden eagles and bearded vultures. The Interpretation Centre is in Arinsal, with exhibitions and audiovisuals on the park. Given its proximity to the Pal Arinsal ski resort, there is a wide range of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions on offer.

2. English Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda ( South America)

As the name suggests, the English Harbour…

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Travel Hacks

I was never wired for luxury travel.  Even when I don't try, I tend to go on budget or at least not go way overboard.  And I don't count every penny or peso, it just comes naturally.  If you're like me, here are some lessons and tips to save and make the most of your trip, be it a weekend, …

Wandering in Japan

It was decided a month or two before our wedding, 'why don't we go to Japan?'.  Sure, new hubby and I both studied Japanese in school, we both were (still are) anime fans, we are familiar and greatly admire the trust culture and discipline that is the Japanese brand.  But I was still pleasantly surprised to …