#1linerWeds Making It Count

  All we have is now, make it count with your voice, your work or creation. Context: birthday in a few days, pandemic situation, sense of mortality -- Ideas percolating, coming to a head, firing me up. In response to the One-liner Wednesday Prompt

30+ Reasons Why

I realized lately how birthdays give me a better sense of reset, like a near-death experience minus the adrenaline rush from escaping danger. July is my birth month and my birthday is in a few days.  I don't really like to celebrate it but I love getting all pensive before the actual birthday.  This time …

A Birthday Project

I've never been one to care about gatherings or celebrating birthdays, but this time especially, I almost can't stomach celebrating while thinking about others in crisis in this pandemic situation.  At other times, that can be a problem for me, caring too much.  In this case, I think it's...justified.  My birthday is in a few …

FOWC: Tryst

Same routine every day Barely living Mundane dwellings Save for one mischief Came a love child Borne out of a tryst Tryst


British slang for something un-nameable or unspecified or temporarily forgotten.  Don't I get that a lot these days..   Posted as part of One Word Sunday

Breaking Free

via Daily Prompt: Rebel As much as possible she wanted to keep the peace, to stay out of trouble.  She kept her head down, tried not to ruffle feathers, while keeping her wits about her.  Oh she has causes she supports, but chose to work with authorities as best she can.  She loved to go …

The Art of Parting

Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.

This is going to come as a huge shock to you: I’m a fairly saucy woman. Spicy. A firecracker. A real pistol. An over-eater…wait, no, that doesn’t belong there.

I enjoy myself very much. I kick ass, take names, make sure those names are kicking ass, and make sure those asses are kicking names. What can I say, I’m thorough.

Being this way has its benefits. I set my mind to something and just…go. If there is something I want on the other side of a mountain, give me a shallow spoon and watch me tunnel, baby.

There is, however, a dark side to combining ambition, intense love, and brutal honesty.

The arson in me recognizes the arson in you

This post is for my warrior women. My Xenas. My tough mothers. Damn, you are sexy AF. I love powerful women. You bitches aren’t to be trifled with, and I…

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October 15th is Red Wine Day!

So yesterday was..

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays

Did you know?

One bottle of wine contains the juice of about 3 pounds of grapes

Here are today’s five thing to know about red wine:

  1. The top three imported wines sold in the U.S. are Yellowtail (Australia), Cavit (Italy), and Concha y Toro (Chile).
  2. The term bouquet refers to the total scent of the wine. Aroma is the scent of the grapes. When wine tasters want to describe the bouquet and the aroma together, they use the term nose.
  3. In 2008, the top five wine-producing states in the U.S. were California (3.4 million tons of grapes crushed for wine), Washington (145,000 tons), New York (45,000 tons), Oregon (40,000 tons), and Pennsylvania (13,200 tons).
  4. According to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, there are 100 calories in a 5-ounce glass of wine (compared to 150 calories in a 12-ounce beer).
  5. The ancient Greeks had a wine glass to ensure the drinker’s moderation…

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