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Rory over at aguycalledbloke asks:

How attractive is passion to you? I don’t mean the eroticness of passion, l mean how do you view the quality in a person be it significant or not, or just in people you know?

I find it very attractive in people. I think it shows in many ways, in the way a person is committed to something or someone (consistency), the enthusiasm in discussing or pursuing a goal. I especially like how the eyes seem to light up over a subject/topic of interest, even if the topic is not particularly something I can relate to. It is like a window into a core value of a person.

Then as a second question set – list the qualities that you also find attractive in people.

I appreciate kindness, generosity, humility, wisdom, passion and excellence in people. Oh, and sense of humor. Add practical/logical, supportive, useful, mature.

And more questions from other places:

If you did not maintain a blog of your own today would you read blogs and more importantly why and which genres would you read?

I think I’d still read blogs even without one of my own, but maybe not follow particular ones like I do now. Whereas before it was just a part of online research, now I’m more invested, having one of my own and knowing more of the ins and outs, the effort put into it.

How important or how motivated are you for increasing your traffic flow to your blog content and why?

I appreciate views/comments on my posts but I don’t really focus on them (stats), particularly for this blog. I have started other projects where I put effort into increasing traffic to the site depending on its purpose, but for this one I have no such pressure or expectations except for personal enjoyment and/or catharsis.

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A Xennial’s Take on Masks

Response to 24hr Blog Question by A Guy Called Bloke

1] Are you currently wearing face masks when you go out into public wherever you are in the world

I always wear a mask whenever I go out the door. These days it’s mostly just the weekly or bi-monthly grocery trips or errands for work or home. Most of the time it’s a surgical mask. Sometimes I put on a face shield especially in potentially ‘crowded’ areas.

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2] what type of masks are you wearing? [As in practical or stylish?]

Most days I just wear the surgical mask. I put on a face shield as needed. I have an unused cloth mask with filter from a local company, a few surgical masks in stock, and an N95 mask (a staff from a pharmacy in Auckland made effort to find me one when she learned I was flying out in a few days, this was back in Feb, bless her). I value function over form but won’t say no if a stylish one is on hand or readily available. The face shield is a bit on the stylish side.

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How do you feel about the wearing of masks? Do you see it as a protection or an infringement on your civil rights?

I see wearing face covering i.e. mask, face shield as protection not just for me but especially for those around me. I’m fairly healthy and young (elder millennial or xennial bracket or whatever they call us these days) and won’t be able to bear it on my conscience if I inadvertently infected an elderly or immunocompromised someone out there. It’s a very minor inconvenience with a big impact for others.

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Suggested readings:

Undecided whether to wear a mask outside? This article might help you out.

Some ideas on how to approach others not wearing a mask when they should here.

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