An Exercise in Positivity #weeklysmile

This alone got me smiling when I saw it. An opportunity in the form of a prompt to share/spread positivity, why not? Do head over at trentsworldblog for the guidelines and to join in.

I barely check facebook/fb for some months now and when I do, it’s only for a few minutes. This conscious fb fast is a decision I made even before covid happened. I did, in the past, post regularly and some of these posts come up via facebook memories. The most recent memory that came up was a photo taken at work a decade ago where my then colleagues turned friends were planning a reunion. For some reasons, I was fortunate to have made the most friends and had the most fun during that time in my career. That’s also where I met my first guy best friend. Sadly, he passed away almost a decade ago of cancer, about a year or so after the photo was taken. He was 30, too young and with a lot going for him. He was well-loved by many and made the workplace fun despite the stresses from our workload. Business was doing great but we were understaffed so sleep was ultra luxury back then. My friend was working overseas when he learned about his cancer and decided to be with his family during treatment. At the time, I didn’t know how to comfort him, but he didn’t seem to need it. His last few months he was genuinely at peace, serene. It was amazing to witness. Even when he was dying and almost immobile, he made people around him happy each visit. It was hard for me to understand then but his attitude and grace about death left an impact on all of us, his family and friends. Even now he puts a smile to our faces.

This song reminds me of my best friend when I heard it just a couple of years ago.


I lit a fire with the love you left behind
And it burned wild and crept up the mountain side.
I followed your ashes into outer space
I can’t look out the window
I can’t look at this place
I can’t look at the stars
They make me wonder where you are
Up on heaven’s boulevard
And if I know you at all
I know you’ve gone too far
So I, I can’t look at the stars

All those times we looked up at the sky
Looking out so far
We felt like we could fly.
And now I’m all alone in the dark of night
The moon is shining but I can’t see the light

And I can’t look at the
They make me wonder where you are
Up on heaven’s boulevard
And if I know you at allI know you’ve gone too far
So I, I can’t look at the stars

They make me wonder where you are

Up on heaven’s boulevard
And if I know you at all
I know you’ve gone too far
So I can’t look at the stars

This is also written for Three Things Challenge

So It’s September

Taking it easy on the plans, trying to be hopeful with extra shots of realism, double dose of patience.

Crossing my fingers that all these can finally happen this month: Move to our new place, hit the/an empty beach or at least be able to get out of the city, hit some of my business goals and lose some of the weight gained the past few months.

A set of routines help especially when it feels like all the days run together. Changing phones and having my laptop repaired last month was a bit of a challenge as so many companies have closed down or have opened with reduced hours/schedule.

Music has helped a lot some days when I’m in some sort of a funk. Playlist is getting more and more eclectic this year.

Written, albeit late, for both FDDA, TTC, 3TC

Employee Review

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I used to work for this young family just outside the city. They live in a dreamy cottage by the hill, where the birds sing their songs in the morning and cattle with names like Connie Francis lounge by the creek. It was idyllic if not for the…

Oh, I know them,” Diana interrupted. “I don’t know how he can stand her rude behavior. It gets me incensed every time.”

Anne nodded in agreement. “And he leaves most of the parenting of their gifted child in the hands of that boorish woman.

Diana sighed. “I hope that kid could still grow up to be a high-quality person.” Both fell silent with their thoughts.

United in their resolve to leave the town for good, the two women continue with their task to clean the walls outside the house, for the last time.

Written for these prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (dreamy), Three Things Challenge (Been, Clean & Wall), The Daily Spur (song), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (boorish), Your Daily World Prompt (incensed), Jibber Jabber (quality), and Word of the Day Challenge (united).

Rare Type of Outing and Welcome Interruptions

Had another excuse to go out yesterday aside from the weekly or so grocery trips. My phone almost fully retired the other day, and my laptop went all moody and just stopped responding weeks back. I had to buy another phone and pick up the laptop from the repair shop (Thankfully there are some open shops for this now). Are even my gadgets getting on with the times..?

After shopping, hubby and I walked by a nearly empty cafe and made a note to dine there later (he also needed a new phone). The silly happiness mixed with a pinch of anxiety I get when dining out (3rd time since the pandemic situation) is still new to me. Who would’ve thought merely dining out would almost feel like living dangerously.

Now my new phone has a built-in health tracker, sending me reminders to drink up or walk/run some distance every day for two days now. For now, I find these notifications welcome breaks to my daily routine, which is mostly writing, cooking, snacking, reading, cleaning, or tending to work/new business. Oh, and there’s the occasional picking a fight with the hubby lol.

What have you done or been doing lately that gives you a small sense of achievement, happiness or wonder?

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Casuals Rule

Thanks to A Guy Called Bloke‘s Are You Actually Wearing That..Out? Got me thinking a bit about my wardrobe. Or lack of it.

Has the lockdown altered your day to day dress code and after lockdown will you instantly revert to old fashion you or new fashion you?

Nothing much has changed with the way I dress pre- and during lockdown. I’m inclined to think I won’t change my mind post-lockdown. I used to dress down by default or dress it down when I can. I liked looking at nice clothes from time to time with almost no intention to buy them. That was before but more so now.

What will your future fashion or dress code style be and consist of?

Maybe leaning more into sustainable fashion if they’ve figured out a way to make them more accessible/available/affordable (I’m counting on you, socio-entrepreneurs/fashionpreneurs). Still keeping my good clothes until they retire.

Will you even bother to dress up to go out post lockdown?

Only when I have to, like at a wedding or graduation or something. Or maybe when/if I miss dressing up. I don’t think clothes will matter as much post-lockdown, but I can only guess.

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