Truthful Tuesday – Why I Blog

Frank over at pcguyiv hosts Truthful Tuesday, a weekly writing prompt that invites us to write about some of our personal truths. The question this week:

Why did you start blogging, and is your reason for blogging still the same as when you started, or has it changed?

I started this blog (my first) in March 2016. I still have my first draft and oldest surviving entry here and it was more like an online journal than anything else. Since then, I’ve restarted about three times (2017, 2018 and 2020), thus the gaps in my posts. It was only this year that I became more consistent and focused on writing, and have experimented on a few writing styles, modes and forms. I still feel like I’m in year 1. What got me curious was a friend/schoolmate who shared a link to his blog in one of our chats as a way to stay in touch. It was on a different platform that I didn’t particularly like, so after a non-exhaustive search, I found WordPress and thought I’d try the free version first. In late 2018 or early 2019, I created other websites/blogs for businesses or as a hobby but I decided to keep this one personal and let it grow organically. I’ve made very few changes here in terms of themes, layout but the content evolves with me.

12 Questions

This post is written for 12 Bloggerz, the monthly topical question feature by Rory over at aguycalledbloke.

1. What really lights you up?
Lately, cake brings a smile to my face. I’m pretty easy to please. Also hugs and a good conversation.

2. When do you think we become old?
When we think we know it all or there’s nothing more to learn or look forward to.

3. What’s in your fridge right now?
Uhm..we just went to the supermarket and bought food and supplies for 2-3 weeks so pretty much everything – breakfast items, fruits and veggies, meat, juice, eggs, milk, butter, beer. Ugh..forgot to buy cake and ice cream!

4. Never mind three wishes give me one good fantasy which would be … ?
Covid is eliminated, hubby and I are back in NZ for good and businesses are doing great. Oh, and we have superpowers lol.

5. How do you think your readers see you as the writer of your blog as a person away from your blog?
No idea. I’m curious to know but never asked. What do you think?

6. How do you wish to be seen and interpreted as a person away from your blog by the readers of your blog?
Hopefully at least as an approachable human, inspiring at best.

7. Do our fears start with our DNA?
I think it’s learned, part of conditioning more than DNA. But that’s just my opinion, i’m no expert.

8. What is the truest quality of life in your opinion?
One with contentment, peace, happiness, or at least serenity, whatever these means differ for every person.

9. What do you think the secret is to you letting yourself go?
When we stop caring for ourselves in things that are important to us i.e. emotionally, physically etc. Or when we let go of our biases and inhibitions in favor of something, can be beneficial or not.

10. What stops you from being the truer version of you or are you already the truer version of you?
I’m truer to myself today than before. I think it has to do with self-awareness and being authentic in how I live based on my values, which can change or deepen over time.

11. What are 7 things you have learned about blogging since you started your blog that would be beneficial to other bloggers right now?
Anybody can do it.

Blogging can be as fun, entertaining, stimulating as you want it to be.

The blogging community is so very good-different and imho, better than other social media-based community/groups out there.

Blogging takes commitment.

It’s a good learning exercise, worth trying.

Blogging can be cathartic.

Blogging, depending on how involved you are, can give you insights into yourself and other people you won’t easily get elsewhere.

12. Should we care what other people think about us?
To an extent, yes. I care enough about what people I value think. The rest can just be noise, especially in the age of social media.

Writing Process

Some thought provoking questions by Ashleyleia over at mentalhealthathome about the writing process got me thinking about my own.

Where do you write?

Eversince I got back to blogging the past few months, I’ve been staying in the city in a condo so physically, not much space to go around. So I pretty much write wherever I can, depends on when the ideas flow. I find it didn’t matter much these days. I do have a balcony I go to some mornings, the workspace when I broke my laptop, my reading chair when I blog right before or after prepping a meal.

In terms of platform, most of the time I work directly in the WP editor.

How often do you write?

The past few months I’ve been writing a few times a week, 2-3 posts in one sitting. The first few weeks I was posting on a daily basis. Depends really when ideas flow or when I need them to percolate for awhile or augment with some research.

Do you have drafts on the go?

I don’t really draft, but I did have a few when I was starting out. When I want to explore a topic involving research and write a post about it later, I take note of it in a notepad on my computer or phone or a physical one when I don’t have the first two with me, but that rarely happens.

When do you publish?

I usually write, proofread and publish immediately, after a quick preview or two. I haven’t tried scheduling, but there’s always a first time.

What about other writing?

I planned to write a book prior to covid, which I’m now trying to start work on. I have no prior experience so my weekly reading involves materials on publishing. I did a few web pages for projects in the past, and thinking of consolidating or organizing them somehow. I still don’t have much of a process in place, as I’m still trying out a few things.

What's your writing process? - graphic of paper, quill, and ink

Breaking Free

via Daily Prompt: Rebel


As much as possible she wanted to keep the peace, to stay out of trouble.  She kept her head down, tried not to ruffle feathers, while keeping her wits about her.  Oh she has causes she supports, but chose to work with authorities as best she can.  She loved to go out in the world, yet her own world she kept small and safe, away from prying eyes.


But fate has a way of playing tricks on people on the verge of change.  And around her things start to unravel.  Just as she was getting more successful and courageous, people started talking, around her, about her.  Undermining her strengths, her worth, they spread rumors, imagined slights, petty issues of people caught up in the crab bucket effect.  Until she knew she had to go.  Up and leave.  In her openness and indiscrimination, her small world was infiltrated by the unscrupulous, the bigots, the small people.  People she allowed to gain authority in her life.  Her growth, identity was on the line.  She needed to crawl out of that place growing darker, smaller by the minute.  She had to.

And she DID.  She rebuilt her world from scratch, embraced her strengths and seized her opportunities, those she hesitated to take before.  In the process, she was gifted with people, friends of her choosing.  And other people came into her life, chose to stay, to matter, and she matters to them, too.

In Transition


I’m realizing something lately, I’m changing.  Not sure to becoming what yet, but still human, don’t worry.  None of those meta-human transitions where I magically acquire superpowers (I wish).  And it’s normal, nothing out of the ordinary.  Other than it seems too…drastic (Don’t go yet, hear me out).

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had superpowers..??


I used to be left-brain dominant.  No surprise there, coming from a dysfunctional family who are mostly emotionally unavailable.  Had to work on feeling instead of just thinking I feel something.  Lately though, I’m sensing I’m becoming more emotional.  Still thinking over anything else, but the feelings, or emotions, come to mind first.  Like a snapshot or a page out of a picture book.  It’s unusual, resulting in a lot of draft posts, new potted plants or some sweat sessions from running around the block at best and/or some sleepless nights at worst.  Hmmm…

succ_choosing succ
Crazy plant lady at times


I’m not sure if this is common for someone who just got married, but possibilities and future plans and merging goals keep me up late sometimes.  Is this wedding jitters,  arriving late to the party..?  Don’t get me wrong, I like being married.  And I loved being single, but I was ready to move from that stage in life for some time already.

Am I worrying too much..?  Nah, never was a worrywart.

But future plans (and adulting) do seem a bigger deal lately i.e. starting a family involving major bodily changes, travel plans vs. mortgage payments, etc.  Water please..

How did I handle transitions..?

I used to take time outs; I’d go on a trip and or spend more time with my planner, coffee in hand.  Coming up with some mental pictures, some goals and at least something to look forward to eases me up.  I’d talk about it with a few people after I’m all relaxed.  I guess I have to change it up a bit now that I have a hubby to consult (ideally) or just tell it to (haha).

How about you, how do you handle transitions?

Hello World (again!)

This is technically my 11th post, but I am nonetheless a newbie in the world of blogging. My not-so-shitty first draft (I hope) was posted a year ago, but life happened and got in the way of writing, so I just re-started writing a couple of months ago.

Unlike with blogging, I used to journal during my pre-teen years (9ish) to navigate my then increasingly tumultuous family life; realization of a broken family, unofficial parental custody, looming separation with siblings, school friends, the works. I also wanted to express myself and acknowledge my thoughts and emotions non-verbally, secretly.  Without realizing it, I had a good sense of self-preservation at a young age and journaling helped me to stay aware and not act out.  Deeming myself unemotional, I was surprised looking back that I could write with such impassioned feelings, even horror, suspense stories in between. I digress.

Back to blogging — so far; 11 posts, 12 followers, 13 or so likes on a post. I prefer a certain anonymity to this online journal/blog/learning-crunching portal/therapeutic exercise. Anonymous or not, I’d like to be part of a community of travelers, writers, foodies, adventurers/explorers like me. I’d also like to learn from people from all walks of life who take time and effort to understand themselves and/or the cultures, this world we live in. It feeds my eternal curiosity. I hope to contribute by writing consistently, honestly, accurately and coming up with better content over time. Oh, I also love taking pictures (strictly a newbie).  Happy blogging, you and me! 🙂



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