Just for Fibs

Thought I’d try something new again and stumbled upon Fibbing Friday hosted by pensitivity101.

My take on these fibby ‘Best Sellers’:

1. The Missing Tent by Seymour Skye.   

This is the story of a tent passed down from generation to generation of tentmakers, the most recent steward of which discovered a mystery: the one he’s holding is a counterfeit. Who broke the chain?

2. Making the Most of Bread by Roland Pickles.   

Faced with the challenge of making bread with just three ingredients, the startup chef stumbles upon 100 different ways of baking a banana or carrot cake.

Photo by Malidate Van on Pexels.com

3. Living on a Budget by M T Wallit.   

This book documents the creative ways children from different countries spend government subsidy from COVID fund. From starting their own businesses to growing their own food, many have drawn inspiration from anecdotal accounts by the parents who have banded together to form the social network Children for Humanity.

4. Wake me at Dawn by Misty Mawning.  

A true tale of one sleepy town’s transformation to Zombieland.

Photo by neil kelly on Pexels.com

5. Sing me a Lullaby by Muse Ickles.  

A reimagination of a child’s early years when her mother, a frustrated singer, routinely sings her to sleep. With experts’ opinions on mother’s singing, children’s sleeping patterns and their connection to sleep disorders.

6. Caught in the Act by Robin Banks.   

A story based on true events in early 2020 in Manila where an influx of newly unemployed foreign nationals joined by health and government officials were found looting pubs and liquor stores eventually resulting in alcohol shortage for months.

7. The Pensioner Chronicles by Jerry Attrick.    

Confessions from early retirees in their 30s and senior citizens living on pension and savings on how retirement is overrated, pension is a joke along with bonus pieces of advice such as steer clear of nursing homes, etc.

8. The Scapegoat’s Revenge by Carrie deCan. 

The story of how a top medical expert was catapulted to presidency after the former leader succumbed to a highly infectious disease shortly after subjecting the medical expert to public shaming for his medical advice.

9. Fields of Destiny by Krystal Ball.   

A short documentary on Destiny’s grandchildren who have shunned the celebrity lifestyle and stardom to work in the Mrs. Field’s outlets, bringing joy to kids through baked goodies.

10. The Long and the Short of It by Cyn Opsiss.  

This depicts the life of the tallest man alive shrunk to the size of a thumb,in various art forms such as pictures, photographs and essays in a three-part series.


Dark Friends

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

“This is ridiculous,” Rachel complained. “We don’t have to argue about who did what right or not back then. I’ve even forgotten the details already. But why spread lies about me?”

Determined to save face, Monica insisted she had nothing to do with the lies, although many people have pointed to her being the source.

Rachel makes up her mind. This is it, she thought to herself. This situation has become untenable. One of us has to go. She comes up with a plan and leaves the apartment.

Back in Joey’s place across the hall, Rachel hesitates at the door. There’s no time to vacillate, she reminds herself. It’s now or never. She knocks and finds the door unlocked.

What she saw inside Joey’s apartment were the stuff of horror movies. Phoebe, her former roommate, was lifelessly crouched at the table, her blank eyes staring at her. Blood spilled all over the floor, slowly making its way towards her. Rachel stood frozen in place, as if made up of immovable parts.

Written for the ff. daily prompts: The Daily Spur (self), Jibber Jabber (determined), Your Daily Word Prompt (ridiculous), Ragtag Daily Prompt (horror), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (vacillate), and Word of the Day Challenge (movable).

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