Shaping The New Normal


It’s been almost five months since this global pandemic planted itself in our lives and forced us to face our problems, personally and globally.  While I’m still coming to grips with the situation and trying to get by, concerns about the future, survival among other things rear itself from time to time.  Hard not to think about them, given the overreaching and expansive disruption brought about by this pandemic situation.


On a positive, lighter note, if there is any good I’m getting from the current situation, It’s that I’ve managed to streamline, downsize and trim down just about everything I can, from priorities, possessions to relationships and goals.  1-2 suitcase challenge?  Check!  Grow my own food?  Getting there!  Hard not to, having so much time on my hands now, spent mostly indoors or in isolation.


And yet, while all these thinking, planning and action-taking seem to give a sense of control or grasp of the situation, at least in my sphere of influence, no one really knows what the future holds.  How much of the old systems and structures will remain, once the crisis is over?  How familiar will the emerging landscape be, when we can finally be out and about?  How long before we heal and recover from the ravages of covid-19, if not from the shock of its aftermath?

The least I can do now is to manage myself, stay healthy, be ready as can be and help others as I help myself.

In Transition


I’m realizing something lately, I’m changing.  Not sure to becoming what yet, but still human, don’t worry.  None of those meta-human transitions where I magically acquire superpowers (I wish).  And it’s normal, nothing out of the ordinary.  Other than it seems too…drastic (Don’t go yet, hear me out).

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had superpowers..??


I used to be left-brain dominant.  No surprise there, coming from a dysfunctional family who are mostly emotionally unavailable.  Had to work on feeling instead of just thinking I feel something.  Lately though, I’m sensing I’m becoming more emotional.  Still thinking over anything else, but the feelings, or emotions, come to mind first.  Like a snapshot or a page out of a picture book.  It’s unusual, resulting in a lot of draft posts, new potted plants or some sweat sessions from running around the block at best and/or some sleepless nights at worst.  Hmmm…

succ_choosing succ
Crazy plant lady at times


I’m not sure if this is common for someone who just got married, but possibilities and future plans and merging goals keep me up late sometimes.  Is this wedding jitters,  arriving late to the party..?  Don’t get me wrong, I like being married.  And I loved being single, but I was ready to move from that stage in life for some time already.

Am I worrying too much..?  Nah, never was a worrywart.

But future plans (and adulting) do seem a bigger deal lately i.e. starting a family involving major bodily changes, travel plans vs. mortgage payments, etc.  Water please..

How did I handle transitions..?

I used to take time outs; I’d go on a trip and or spend more time with my planner, coffee in hand.  Coming up with some mental pictures, some goals and at least something to look forward to eases me up.  I’d talk about it with a few people after I’m all relaxed.  I guess I have to change it up a bit now that I have a hubby to consult (ideally) or just tell it to (haha).

How about you, how do you handle transitions?

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