30+ Reasons Why

I realized lately how birthdays give me a better sense of reset, like a near-death experience minus the adrenaline rush from escaping danger.

July is my birth month and my birthday is in a few days.  I don’t really like to celebrate it but I love getting all pensive before the actual birthday.  This time though, probably because of everything that’s happening, I’m a lot more introspective, ultra-sensitive and extra sober.  Today I feel extra grateful and decided to list down why, or what for.

  1. Good health – This is always a given when I count my blessings but more so now with the global pandemic situation.

    Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
  2. My husband – We got married 2 years ago and was in the process of migrating when Coronavirus hit us all.  I left the country before him while he’s still finishing up some work locally,to get a job, look for housing options in country #2 and did other things to hit the ground running.  After months of stay in country #2, I came back to sort some stuff and that’s when all the lockdowns started.  I’m glad I got back in time and isolating with him than apart.  Through everything, he’s been a reliable partner and a rock.  He’s always been, but this has been tested and proven repeatedly especially these last few months.  Oh, not to mention his humor, an added and welcome bonus in this time of coronavirus.
  3. Boredom – I’d like to think I’ve always had a healthy appreciation of boredom, but my appreciation for it increased significantly the past few months.  While adjusting and coping with concerns and stress early on during isolation, these days I’ve managed to take it in stride, live with it and use it to my advantage.  I was able to take 6 online courses, learn a few recipes/staples and even bake!  From one of two of the courses, I got inspired to start a business that could potentially be a life-long career for me & hubby.Whether or not it becomes successful, just getting to try and work together on this gets me excited and motivated every day.

    photo of brown and white short coated beagle lying on a pillow
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  4. This blog – I have almost forgotten about this until one day when I felt the urge to write and read blogs again.  How can I forget how cathartic this is..?  Found some gems to follow and new bloggers to support as well.
  5. Netflix – Need I say more?
  6. Book – They let me travel and experience a lot vicariously.
  7. Having a home, not just a house
  8. Food – my source of simple joy and comfort everyday  (And nutrition, of course).
  9. Takeout – to take a break from cooking 😉
  10. Delivery – for the laziest of days.
  11. Having a balcony – to get some air without donning a mask or face shield, the works.
  12. Airconditioning – because summer is back with a vengeance (or never left?) where I am now.
  13. Magic The Gathering – My husband introduced me to this and I got hooked on the artwork, then the game.
  14. The Internet – for connecting with friends/family.
  15. My brain – for working properly and not running out of ideas.
  16. Airbnb – one of our reliable sources of income.
  17. Good coffeetagaytay_bfast
  18. Ice cream 😉
  19. Eggs 😉
  20. Cheese 😉
  21. Spices and condiments 😉
  22. Art
  23. Music – especially the ’90s!
  24. Businesses that have opened, especially groceries and restaurants!
  25. Masks and face shield – keeping me and everyone I know covid-free.

    face mask on red background
    Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
  26. Frontliners – I’ll be forever grateful to them!
  27. Paying work – pay cut or not, it keeps us afloat especially at this time.
  28. Alcohol
  29. Mobile phones
  30. Laptop/Computer
  31. Bathing/Shower
  32. Apps
  33. Refund – Especially for those trips not happening this year
  34. Pillows (and bed, of course!)

    cozy bedroom interior with no people
    Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com
  35. Beer
  36. Ergonomic chairs
  37. Wheels – on chairs, vehicles, especially bags

    woman in white top and denim jeans sitting on red luggage bag
    Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com


Wow, I enjoyed this exercise 🙂 I realized I can go on but tried to time myself for this post.  Spirit lifted, nonetheless.

Shaping The New Normal


It’s been almost five months since this global pandemic planted itself in our lives and forced us to face our problems, personally and globally.  While I’m still coming to grips with the situation and trying to get by, concerns about the future, survival among other things rear itself from time to time.  Hard not to think about them, given the overreaching and expansive disruption brought about by this pandemic situation.


On a positive, lighter note, if there is any good I’m getting from the current situation, It’s that I’ve managed to streamline, downsize and trim down just about everything I can, from priorities, possessions to relationships and goals.  1-2 suitcase challenge?  Check!  Grow my own food?  Getting there!  Hard not to, having so much time on my hands now, spent mostly indoors or in isolation.


And yet, while all these thinking, planning and action-taking seem to give a sense of control or grasp of the situation, at least in my sphere of influence, no one really knows what the future holds.  How much of the old systems and structures will remain, once the crisis is over?  How familiar will the emerging landscape be, when we can finally be out and about?  How long before we heal and recover from the ravages of covid-19, if not from the shock of its aftermath?

The least I can do now is to manage myself, stay healthy, be ready as can be and help others as I help myself.

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