The Waiting

It’s been awhile since she last saw her. It gets harder to remember her face sometimes as an adult, but her scent is unforgettable.

She came and went like the wind, showed up one day to loosely re-introduce herself to her, yet she hasn’t forgotten. The secretly sick woman was her mother, gone from her life almost forever, but now back to atone for her sins. Her time is running out unbeknownst to her.

This bottle is all that’s left to remember her, the flowers taken from when she left this world, her life, to fall asleep forever. She was forgiven even when she was missing, even before she reappeared. Had she known would she have come back sooner..?

“Don’t go”, she would have said. Nine years old, and she never had a chance.

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#FOWC Treacherous

She’s real sweet and caring, people are drawn to her motherly yet girly charms. She seems full of promise, yet tamed by responsibility. You find yourself trusting her outright.

Yet there’s a shadow upon her, enveloping her. Going against her wishes unleashes what’s lurking in the shadows, an ugly side that almost wipes away the memory of her charms, her bright self. It’s shocking, bordering on sinister, even repulsive.

Beware her treacherous charms, for she keeps a secret. Keep your distance, lest she bites.

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FOWC: Impose

man doing boxing
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Just like a punch, you force your will like it’s a gift.  Sometimes it’s a jab here and there until the other loses out of fatigue or resignation.  Or you change the narrative ever so subtly, the hearer won’t doubt nor sense the manipulation.  Sometimes it’s power play; a silence at the right time for maximum impact, a word or statement to confuse or change a person’s mind, a card thrown out rarely or just this once to force a situation.  Imposition comes in many forms and ways.

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge: Impose

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