Quarantine Watch List Pt. 2

It’s been a little over seven months since self-isolation and while I have adjusted and been a lot more productive now than in the first three months, hubby and I have made a habit of bonding/decompressing over a nice meal, dessert or drinks while watching a movie, docu or series, some days. Here are some recommendations to add to the first list I posted months back here. This time around we decided to give Amazon Prime and Apple TV a shot.

From Netflix:

  1. Cobra Kai
  2. Ratched
  3. Away
  4. The Old Guard
  5. Snowpiercer
  6. Anna
  7. To The Lake (Russian)
  8. Enola Holmes
  9. The Social Dilemma

And these (on days when you just want something really light and/or distracting enough), if you haven’t already:

  1. Umbrella Academy (very interesting plot and well placed twists!)
  2. iZombie
  3. Santa Clarita Diet
  4. Somebody Feed Phil
  5. Ready Player One
  6. Jane The Virgin
  7. Anne with an ‘E’
  8. Warrior Nun
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From Amazon Prime:

  1. Jack Ryan
  2. Treadstone
  3. James May Our Man in Japan

If you haven’t already:

  1. Upload
  2. Covert Affairs

From Apple TV (coming soon, still checking out a few)

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I know, that’s a lot of shows/movies and too much screen time. Enough for a decade or so. Sigh. Anyway hope you find this list helpful. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments and I’ll check some of them on the weekends 😉😉

Quarantine Watch List

abstract analog art camera
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I have films and series to thank for surviving the first two months of self-quarantine.  Almost five months into isolation now, my husband and I have moved on to music (mostly ’90s) and starting a new business (a very exciting endeavor with loads of learning, more in another post).  I also found my way back to writing and reading in between, but that’s also for another post.  I’m sharing what we felt were worth spending time on (in random order), and hopefully get more recos from here on out.  You’ll notice that the list includes all sorts of genres from different sources, from anything Western to Korean, Spanish to Japanese, even Thai.  Hope this helps even just one person diversify his/her day or take a breather and whatnot.

photo of cup near flat screen television
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  • Movies
    • The Old Guard
    • Lord of the Rings
    • The Hobbit
    • Harry Potter series
    • Marvel (MCU) series
    • Snowpiercer
    • Gifted
    • John Wick series
    • The Intern
    • Ready Player One
    • Ender’s Game
    • Alita: Battle Angel
  • Series
    • Money Heist
    • Unauthorized Living
    • Crash Landing on You
    • Itaewon Class
    • Something in the Rain
    • Queen of the South
    • Snowpiercer
    • Gilmore Girls
    • Atypical
    • Girl from Nowhere
    • iZombie
    • Santa Clarita Diet
    • Anne with an ‘E’
    • Daredevil
    • Jessica Jones
    • The Witcher
    • Chernobyl
    • The Mandalorian
  • Docus, others
    • The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes
    • Shark Tank
    • The Last Dance
    • Inside Bill’s Brain
    • Becoming
    • Tiny House Nation
    • Grand Designs
    • Conspiracy

Anything to add?  I’m open to ideas/suggestions.  We’ve limited screen time to 1-2 movies/episodes or after getting some work done at the end of the day.  But nobody knows really how long this self-isolation will be, and some entertainment (and a bit of education from it) won’t hurt.

Update: Care for more?  A better, more updated list here.

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