WPC: All-Time Favorites

It was about 2 years ago when I started frequenting the countryside that I thought to start blogging.


What?  Why..??  I’ve only submitted 4 posts via weekly challenges and just started (this month) connecting and having a sense of community through blogging.  I haven’t had enough time nor posts to have all-time favorites!  But as they say, all things come to an end.  So THANK YOU, WPC.  The challenges have helped me bounce back and start blogging again.  It was a good albeit (too) short boost for action; quick shots of inspiration when I needed them.

Mornings in the countryside slow me down.


Taking a breather with this view.


Final Weekly Photo Challenge

Beautiful Twist

When I was younger and naïve, at the (un)ripe age of 9, I planned the next 10-15 years of my life.  I’m glad it’s taken on all sorts of beautiful twists since then and needless to say, not according to plan.

Dancing fountain with fire for a twist.


Blooms grow freely on twisted branches.


Detours and unexpected turns make for an interesting journey.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

Liquid Trail

Tinipak River in Rizal


Lakeside in Tagaytay at sunrise one summer
All-time fave coffee with lava sugar while enjoying a view of Mt. Fuji



Clearest pond I’ve seen during spring in Japan


A sacred well in Japan – can’t touch it!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid

In Transition


I’m realizing something lately, I’m changing.  Not sure to becoming what yet, but still human, don’t worry.  None of those meta-human transitions where I magically acquire superpowers (I wish).  And it’s normal, nothing out of the ordinary.  Other than it seems too…drastic (Don’t go yet, hear me out).

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had superpowers..??


I used to be left-brain dominant.  No surprise there, coming from a dysfunctional family who are mostly emotionally unavailable.  Had to work on feeling instead of just thinking I feel something.  Lately though, I’m sensing I’m becoming more emotional.  Still thinking over anything else, but the feelings, or emotions, come to mind first.  Like a snapshot or a page out of a picture book.  It’s unusual, resulting in a lot of draft posts, new potted plants or some sweat sessions from running around the block at best and/or some sleepless nights at worst.  Hmmm…

succ_choosing succ
Crazy plant lady at times


I’m not sure if this is common for someone who just got married, but possibilities and future plans and merging goals keep me up late sometimes.  Is this wedding jitters,  arriving late to the party..?  Don’t get me wrong, I like being married.  And I loved being single, but I was ready to move from that stage in life for some time already.

Am I worrying too much..?  Nah, never was a worrywart.

But future plans (and adulting) do seem a bigger deal lately i.e. starting a family involving major bodily changes, travel plans vs. mortgage payments, etc.  Water please..

How did I handle transitions..?

I used to take time outs; I’d go on a trip and or spend more time with my planner, coffee in hand.  Coming up with some mental pictures, some goals and at least something to look forward to eases me up.  I’d talk about it with a few people after I’m all relaxed.  I guess I have to change it up a bit now that I have a hubby to consult (ideally) or just tell it to (haha).

How about you, how do you handle transitions?

No Spoilers, Just Thoughts on Avengers Infinity War



Needless to say, I’ve been waiting for this movie screening with not the least bit of excitement.  After waiting for another week half-dreading, partly not-caring for spoilers, I saw it.  First screening of the day in a newish mall cinema with free popcorn and drinks that I didn’t get to touch and some ticket sale profits going to a foundation.  Might as well make the most out of the experience.  This is one movie that I needed a sort-of debriefing, and maybe another viewing.  It was a lot to take in.

It’s now one of my favorite MCU movies

It was an accomplishment bringing together all these superheroes in one movie without making it a mess.  It was awesome!  Although I wanted to see more of the others i.e. Cap, Black Widow (and where was Hawk Eye and Ant Man..??), overall the superheroes were given ample screen time to shine.  The character focus is strong but it was not lacking in plot twists.

The super villain is super

Thanos was a worthy opponent, worthy enough to gather all the characters to fight for the universe.  He was a villain that not one group or subgroup or faction can beat and looked the part — big, thuggish built, purple skin tone and all.  I love how they added depth to his character by showing some struggle on his part in this war he can almost easily run away with.

The lines and delivery were spot-on 

Unlike DC, Marvel has a knack for witty lines, one-liners and even quotable quotes.  The back and forth between some of the originals and new avengers were definitely not just fillers and comic relief was just enough this time (thought it was a little too much in Thor Ragnarok) to lighten what can otherwise be a very dark tone, ala Marvel TV‘s Daredevil or Jessica Jones.

The ending was more than I expected

Although I’ve read a bit of the comics and narratives, Marvel still pulled a surprise in the ending that, basing on the reactions of some hardcore fans,  has elicited unbelief or shock or stress depending on your level of fangirl or fanboy attachments.  Case in point, one of those sitting beside me covered his mouth in shock for a good few minutes into the credits, and another one held her head in between her hands while looking down at the floor.  It was fascinating to say the least.

Overall the movie is a success; going in breaking records in the box office, and winning and satisfying fans all over.  It was worth the hype.  Worth the wait.  Worth the 2nd or 3rd viewing.

Perhaps the body count will drop..?

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